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Progress Report July 2011

Posted on: 14-September-2011

Just a brief status report to date – So far, we’ve:

  1. Completed the Community Meeting
  2. Established the Co-Chairs & identified the Project Coordinator (Carla Garrett)
  3. Established the Leader’s Table
  4. Adopted formal Terms of Reference
  5. Through the extreme generosity of Toyota (TMMC), we’ve established funding that will support us in carrying the project through to success
  6. Already initiated the process to gather the statistics we require.  This task is currently underway with stats coming from a few different sources. Data analysis is being collected from epidemiologist at Oxford County Board of Health and the Woodstock hospital. A master list with a series of organized statistics will be developed and used at the priority setting exercise.  Carla will follow up on the statistics gathering process within a couple of weeks.
  7. We’re currently planning the date, time & location of the Priority Setting Exercise.  TENTATIVELY: Block Wednesday October 26th between 9a.m. & approximately 2:30 p.m. in your calendars.  We hope to get  approximately 60 participants to go thru the 3-stage process of identifying our 5-7 community priorities for action.  Just as an information resource, I’ve attached the Facilitator’s Manual for the information of those around the Leader’s Table.  It is a helpful & informative document.
  8. I’ve been in touch (just this morning) with Donna Derer (Leader’s Table representative from Fanshawe College) with the hope of recruiting a local, experienced facilitator for the Priority Setting Exercise.  Donna is confident she can come up with a good candidate for us.
  9. Once priorities are identified, we’ll establish committees (if there isn’t already a community organization addressing the priority) to address the priorities. (A list of five to seven priorities will be decided through the priority setting exercise. Committees for each of the “highest” priorities identified will be established. There may already be existing committees out there in the community that could be enhanced or further supported to meet the requirements for Safe Communities Canada.)
  10. In November, a documented Community Action Plan will be crafted outlining what has been done (meetings, committees, media) to secure a Safe Community Designation for the City of Woodstock.
  11. Hopefully, before the end of December we can then make formal application to Safe Communities Canada for designation as a “Safe Community”.
  12. If successful (and I’m very confident we will be), in early 2012 we can anticipate designation & a community celebration.  Our Leader’s Table then shifts into a maintenance mode, ensuring we continue to adequately address the identified priorities and gauge our effectiveness through concrete measurables, such as reliable statistics.  Based on those outcomes, we can readjust our efforts if needed.  As years pass (3), we can expect priorities will change and another issue will rise to the top. 
  13. Remember, this is an ongoing process that will have a long term benefit for our entire community (friends, family, coworkers, visitors, everyone) – very, very exciting!

Updated October 27, 2013